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We know great service goes a long way. We know great service builds trust.

This is why only the best service is good enough for you. And why we have a large team of staff dealing with all your concerns, queries and needs.

From experience, we know that no two projects are the same and every requirement is unique. We take all your needs on board and use them to come to the ideal solution. This is the key to our customer service Philosophy.

Sharing is another of our core customer service principles, and we’d now like to share with you the knowledge we have gained over the years.


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Roman Graf

President of BRUCHA Corp.
✉ r.graf@brucha.com
✆ (630) 362-5467

Jeff Sherry

Vice President of Sales
✉ j.sherry@brucha.com
✆ (630) 362-5467

Scott Kuni

Vice President of Sales Cold Storage
✉ s.kuni@brucha.com
✆ (720) 688-5367

Doris Davis

Sales Support
✉ d.davis@brucha.com
✆ (720) 919-7802



As a family-run business with local roots, we place great importance on sustainability and activepreservation of resources and the environment.

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Quality Policy

BRUCHAPaneel panels are unique. Despite years of continued growth and expansion, one area that has never been neglected is quality.

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