Customizable, Modular System Solutions for Specialty Lab Requirements

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are facilities designed to maintain extremely low concentration of airborne particles such as dust, vaporized particles or airborne organisms and are needed everywhere where airborne particles would interfere with the work such as food processing plants, scientific research, medical laboratories, cosmetic industry, laser technology, space technology, etc.

BRUCHA panels for your clean rooms are to international standards and norms and have the following benefits:

  • Self-supporting without a complex sub-structure
  • Media penetration of all types are prefabricated at the factory
  • Quick, easy assembly in the modular system
  • Flush-mount design (wall/window/floor/doors)
  • Large span widths in case of ceiling liners
  • Accessible ceiling designs
  • Tested surfaces
  • Low proportion of joints
  • Individual planning

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areas of application

  • Food processing facilities
  • Bottling plants for juices and dairy products
  • Food packaging systems
  • Production lines (slicing cheese, sausage, etc.)
  • Automotive and aviation industry
  • Surface technology
  • Micro technology
  • PCB manufacture
  • Medicine
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Biotechnology, research
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Nuclear technology
  • Space technology
  • Scientific research
  • Laser technology

superior coatings & surface options

  • PVC foil coating 150 µm
  • PVDF 25 µm
  • Stainless steel V2A (standard)
  • Stainless steel V4A (superior)
  • Solidboard®

insulating core options

  • Polyurethan foam – absolutely CFC-free
  • Mineral wool – non flammable
  • Polystyrol

airlock systems

To separate areas with different clean room classifications airlock systems are used to keep each room’s air components constant.

To insure that only that only gets in what belongs into the clean room, indication of access control systems or time delay elements are part of our product portfolio.

Our airlock door systems enable the interlocking of a large number of doors.


Reliability and cleanliness in production are becoming increasingly important thanks to complexity and miniaturization of the components and the different processing technologies.

The BRUCHA panel system gives you the opportunity to implement the requirements in these highly sensitive areas efficiently and economically.

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