Hygienic, Easy to Clean Wall Panels

Solidboard® Panel

Solidboard® panels are an innovative solution for food processing and high demanding sanitation application areas — such as dairy & cheese processing, bakeries, beverage manufacturing, food service/commissary facilities, public health facilities, clean rooms, etc…

Solidboard® is a fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) material, with a highly chemical resistant, smooth surface for ease of cleaning — and high glass content structure for durability and strength. The solution is available as unique partition wall panel options for room constructions, as well as thinner wall re-surfacing panels for retrofits. Among product options available:

  • Solidboard®/polyiso foam/Solidboard® panels (NEW! Latest innovation)
  • Solidboard®/polyiso foam/galvanized steel
  • Solidboard® laminated to standard WP panel IMPs
  • Solidboard®/expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Solidboard® sheet.

Areas of application:

  • Cheese dairies, milk, meat, and fish processing plants
  • Production of bakery products and pasta
  • Beverage manufacturers
  • Public health systems
  • Clean rooms and sanitary facilities
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At a Glance

Solidboard® Panel

Manufacturing Tolerance

In line with EN 14509

Manufactured Lengths

max. 40 ft. (45 ft. by special arrangement)

Temperature Stability

194° F / 90° C

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