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The BRUCHA brand is driven by four core values: a fervent work ethic, responsible working methods, respect for our customers and
true-to-word quality our clients can rely on. Everything we do is underpinned by our passionate, cooperative approach.


These four values are at the heart of our brand identity:


ENTHUSIASM is creative

With feeling, timing and an acute awareness of customers’ needs, creativity gives rise to ingenious solutions. At BRUCHA, we are constantly trialling new materials and coatings, considering alternative insulation systems or contemplating how to tweak our products further. We identify areas in our work processes in which we could incorporate new technologies to improve our systems and boost efficiency. Being inventive requires a great deal of passion. And passion breeds creativity.

ENTHUSIASM is quality-conscious

Quality is fundamental. Our products are made with only the highest-quality raw materials from renowned manufacturers. We are constantly monitoring the quality of both our products and our work on construction sites, as demonstrated by our ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management certifications. We know that to build trust, it is crucial to provide personal, knowledgeable advice, which is why our staff members attend the BRUCHA Academy. But not only that: we also relish passing on our knowledge to customers. And by constantly asking ourselves questions and reviewing our decisions, we are able to keep on top of our quality.

ENTHUSIASM is thorough and precise

To ensure safety, process control and adherence to schedules, every order and every construction project goes through a standardized work and research process meticulously devised in-house. The care we take is evidenced in our complaint rate – currently less than 1%. For us, this customer-focused approach is a matter of course.

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Humans need values to justify their thinking and actions. This is exactly the same in owner-operated businesses such as BRUCHA. Customers should be made to feel special. All our employees embody this attitude in their reliable, trusting relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers, their punctuality and adherence to schedules, and proper handling of budgets. We are very fortunate to have high customer retention rates and low staff turnover.

RESPONSIBILITY is safety-conscious

Our employees are our greatest asset. We follow safety policies and personal protective equipment regulations to the letter. To ensure safety at work and employee welfare, we invest in state-of-the-art technology and protective equipment and adhere to statutory regulations and guidelines.

RESPONSIBILITY is eco-conscious

Sustainability, preserving resources and protecting the environment are causes close to our heart. To do our bit, we use renewable energies, recycle wherever we can, and are gradually renovating the heating systems in our production sites to make them sustainable. We are constantly seeking out and testing alternatives to modern logistics, such as railway transport. To ensure our environmental credentials are continually improving, our products go through the “Cradle to Cradle” certification process. And we never tire of finding new ways to improve our energy consumption.

TRUE-TO-WORD QUALITY is professional

“We stand by our word” – a promise we can back up with skill. Superior specialist knowledge, first-rate advice, comprehensive production and assembly expertise and the largest team of assembly specialists in the cold storage construction field – all of these ensure our customers’ needs are met rapidly and reliably. So whether you’re a staff member, customer, supplier, neighboring property or an official authority, we stick to what we promise you.


“Customer relations” is not just an empty buzz word. When we work with customers or suppliers, we form a genuine relationship, one based on respect and hospitality. Our dealings and trade with customers and suppliers alike are respectful and accommodating and foster strong relationships. This is the only way to create a truly constructive working atmosphere. After all, happy employees make happy customers.


A one-stop shop requires flexibility and adaptability that can overcome any and all constraints. With flexible working hours, you reap the benefit of our increased capacity. And if there are ever any problems, we can be on site in no time. You can even ask us to appoint a work supervisor for you, wherever you are in the world. Flexibility is also a key factor in developing product ranges and tailor-made product Solutions.

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RESPECT is welcoming

Now in its fourth generation, Josef BRUCHA founded his family-run business in 1948, and none of his original values has diminished over the years. Our staff members are a precious commodity and shape our company. Even now that we have more than 700, our loyalty to each and every one is unwavering. The same goes for our customers and suppliers, and we make a point of keeping in regular contact with them.

RESPECT is social

Being truly socially responsible means more than just hiring workers with disabilities. It involves helping staff members who are going through a difficult period or those suffering hardship. Beyond our company walls, we donate to regional social assistance institutions and support social projects, some of which have actually been set up by our customers.

RESPECT is loyal

Harmonious relationships breed loyalty. Loyalty is not handed to you on a plate; it is something you have to earn. Trust and loyalty grow from mutually respectful interaction, supporting one another when faced with exceptional circumstances and being at each other’s side through difficult times. This goes for employees, customers and suppliers alike.

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