Economic Alternative to Roof Panel DP

BRUCHAPaneel® Eco-Roof

Brucha’s Eco-Roof is the answer for an economical insulated roof system for agricultural applications. The exterior face is painted steel with a nearly maintenance-free long life while the interior face is comprised of an aluminum foil backing providing a more economical alternative to steel while supplying  additional protection in corrosive environments such as stables, barns, or chicken coops. The light weight of this system (1.5-2 pounds per square foot) makes it an ideal retrofit product for non-insulated buildings*. This product can also be curved during installation for use on storage tanks.

Available in thicknesses up to 2-3/8” (≈ R-17), Eco-Roof provides a cost-effective, durable and superior insulating system vs. blanket insulation. The system comes complete with painted saddle clips for optimum sealing and panel spans, and maybe used over steel or wood purlins.

*customer to verify existing structure can support weight of new roof

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  • Width: 39-3/8” (1000 mm)
  • Lengths: 8 – 38’
  • Standard 1 mil (25 µm) polyester
    • Optional 1 mil (25 µm) PVDF (polyvinylidene), 2 mil (50 µm) PUR-PA (polyurethane/polyamide)
  • G-90 steel, 24 gauge (.6 mm) standard, 22 gauge (.7 mm) available upon request
  • Profile: 1-5/8” (42 mm) high ribs spaced 13-1/8” (333 mm) on center


  • Aluminum facing 3 mils (80 µm), stucco embossed, white

insulation core

  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR) core, foamed-in-place, ≈ 95% closed cell
  • R value ≈7.2/inch per ASTM C518 @ 75°F
  • No chlorofluorocarbons or halogenated chlorofluorocarbons
  • Density ≈2.5 lb/ft³ (40 kg/m³)
  • Available thicknesses (nominal): 5/8” (15 mm), 1-3/16” (30 mm), 1-1/2” (40 mm), 2-3/8” (60 mm)

panel connection

  • Sidejoint with overlap and capillary break
  • Through fastened with saddle clip for maximum anchorage and resistance to uplift

testing & certifications

  • Compliant with a wide range of US and International codes and standards. Contact your Brucha representative for an updated list.

At a Glance

BRUCHAPaneel® Eco-Roof

Manufacturing Tolerance

nach EN 14509

Construction Width

39 3/8 in (1000 mm)

Sound Insulation


Manufactured Lengths

max.40ft (44ft by special arrangement)

Temperature Stability

194° F / 90° C

Fire Rating

FM 4880 Class 1 Fire Rating of Insulated Wall or Wall and Roof/Ceiling Panels, Interior Finish Materials or Coatings, and Exterior Wall Systems


9/16 in (15 mm) – 2 3/8 in (60 mm)

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