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BRUCHA Panel Carrier-System

Brucha’s Panel Carrier Systems provide an integrated solution for using insulated metal panels as a barrier wall behind rainscreen façades. ACM (aluminum composite material), MCM (metal composite material), terra cotta, ceramic tile, brick veneer, stone panels and all types of metal rainscreens are easily integrated with our Carrier Systems.

The key to proper rainscreen performance is a reliable barrier wall. Insulated metal panels greatly simplify the construction and design of these barrier walls by providing a single component solution to air, vapor, water, and thermal control layers. Our unique perforated rail system is designed for optimum drainage and air flow and consists of an anodized black aluminum hat section with EPDM contact breakers designed to resist corrosion and provide long term durability.

We also provide you with your choice of two barrier wall panels: our PIR core panels (FP-P) for optimum R-value and light weight, or our mineral fiber core (FP-F) panels where a non-combustible barrier wall is desired. Both systems may be used vertically or horizontally, providing the ultimate in rainscreen design flexibility.

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At a Glance

BRUCHA Panel Carrier-System

Manufacturing Tolerance

In line with EN 14509

Construction Width

39 3/8 in (1000 mm) – 43 5/16 in (1100 mm)

Manufactured Lengths

max. 40 ft. (45 ft. by special arrangement)

Temperature Stability

194° F / 90° C


1 9/16 in (40 mm) – 9 7/16 in (240 mm)

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