EVOLUTION Fast-Build Walk-Ins

Simple Solutions for Your Cooler & Freezer Needs

BRUCHA’s EVOLUTION walk-in product line is specially designed and built to be the superior choice for “off-the-shelf” or modular built retail, foodservice or laboratory refrigerator & freezer storage requirements. EVOLUTION is designed for “fast-build” self-installation, with a low-cost assembly utilizing simple instructions and the highest quality materials and insulated panels. Beyond that, EVOLUTION provides unmatched performance advantages and value in the market, including:

  • Heavy duty construction – surface steel gauges 10% thicker than competitive wall panels for durability, strength and stability
  • Superior insulation properties – best-in-class PIR core insulation, supplied nearly 20% thicker than typical competitor cooler panels, to better maintain temperature with reduced energy consumption
  • State of the parts fabrication and design – Yielding exacting panels that assemble with superior sealing joints, gap free to eliminate the need for caulk
  • Doors manufactured via precision formed and welded steel workmanship and durable high performance hinges, latches and locks to assure lifelong maintenance-free performance and function
  • Smooth coated steel panel surfaces – Hygienic and allowing easy-clean maintenance versus competitive embossed surface, lighter weight steel panels; Anti-bacterial surface coating option available

EVOLUTION Overview Video

EVOLUTION Assembly Video


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