Architectural Panels

Our comprehensive line of insulated metal panels serves the most sophisticated designs:

FP-P Premium Façade Panels

PIR core insulation and a concealed fastening system; Available in thicknesses of 4” up to 8” for refrigerated and/or frozen storage rooms or buildings.

FP-P-S Premium Select Façade Panels

Select FP-P panels available with combination surface profiles that allow an additional 19 unique profile pattern options to differentiate appearance.

FP-F Façade Fire Protection Panels

Fire protection panel version with a mineral wool core insulation with a concealed fastening system.

FP-A Acoustic Façade Panels

Acoustic façade panels with concealed mounting for sound absorption and air insulation.

Carrier System

Brucha façade panels with a surface hanger system to allow mounting overlaying design elements, signage or other features.

WP Wall Panels

PIR core insulated panels (with through-panel fastening) for external or internal walls; Available in all standard profiles and color options.

WP-F Fire Protection Wall Panels

Fire protection wall panels with mineral wool core insulation.

WP-A Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels for sound absorption and insulation for interior walls and ceilings.

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